Planetary mixer PLM-60

About the product

Planetary mixers have been designed to combine the advantages of productivity, working comfort and hygiene.

This powerful machine is suitable for use with any dough as well as for beating egg-whites, cream, sponge batters and similar products. It is ideal for use in restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops. This type of mixer features a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is latched onto the base of the machine and can be raised into the mixing position. After the mixing is finished the bowl is lowered so it can be easily removed. This mixer type comes with an availability of different attachments that can be used when mixing. Standard attachments include a paddle, whip, dough hook, etc. This is a great advantage in terms or machines versatility. It can be used for blending cookie dough, cake filling, sponge cake, whipped cream and mousse, as well as pizza dough or bread, simply by changing an appropriate attachment.

Planetary mixers also come with variable speed options to accommodate different mixing needs.

Planetarni mikser PLM-60

Technical information

Dimensions (mm) 550 x 1210 x 1750
Motor for lifting bowl (kW) 0,55 kW
Drive motor (kW) 2.2 kW
– volume (l)
60 l
Mixing speed (min) 0-500 min
Weight (kg) 450 kg
Dimensions 1360x730x1750

Technical drawing