Proizvodnja mašina za obradu voća i povrća i pekarske opreme

Belt type rehydrator-blancher

About the product

Belt type rehydrator-blancher is used for rehydrating dry fruits (primarily prunes) as well as for thermal processing- blanching of various sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Conveyor movement is driven by an electric motor with a frequency regulator, so that the speed of the conveyor can be adjusted to suit a type of product that is being processed. The blancher is equipped with automatic water temperature regulation.

The fruits are manually put in the infeed hopper and they slide through the hopper and fall on the conveyor belt. The other, automatic option is- using an infeed conveyor.

Rehidrator – blanšer sa koficama

Technical information

Power 0,4 kW
Rehydration time prom. prema zahtevu variable according to request
Temperature max 94°C
Water consuption 150 kg/h
Capacity 600 kg/h
Dimensions 8000x1334x1680 mm
Weight 1450 kg

Technical drawing