Bowl lift P-250

About the product

The P-250 bowl lifter is a powerful machine designed to cater for the requirements of medium and industrial-sized bakeries. The bowl lifter enables the content of a dough mixer bowl to be lifted and emptied, usually into a hopper of a dough dividing machine. This lifter can be used with bowls from our F series mixers as well as with bowls made by other manufacturers.

The bowl lift empties the content of a bowl in the same line with the loading but to the opposite direction. There are two operating modes: Manual and Automatic. The Manual mode allows simple and direct use. In the Manual mode, the operator must hold the Lift button pressed during the lifting. In the automatic operation mode, the operator needs to push the button once for lifting, once for unloading and finally once for putting the bowl down.

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Technical information

Load (kg) 200
Installed power (kW) 0,6
Dimensions 2350 x 2935 x 1170 mm

Technical drawing