Bakery oven vacuum cleaner

About the product

The bakery vacuum cleaners are indispensable tools in a bakery. They are used for cleaning the ovens from burnt flour and breadcrumbs and other production waste which might affect the quality of finished products. The vacuum cleaner is designed to suck the waste material out of the oven regardless of how deep it is places inside the oven. The vacuum cleaner is designed to work at any baking temperature.  An industrial vacuum with a high temperature resistant main filter and a heat resistant material container will reduce production downtime by not having to wait for the oven to completely cool off before cleaning. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with high-temperature extension wands to reach the back of ovens enabling complete oven cleaning.

Usisivač za čišćenje pekarskih peći

Technical information

Drive motor 1.5 kW
Dimensions 1232 x 550 x 883mm
Weight 105 kg

Technical drawing