Dough divider D-01 and D-02

About the product

The divider is designed to divide a big piece of dough into smaller pieces of desired weight. It is intended both for independent operation and for work in automatic bakery lines. The speed can be adjusted using the built in frequency inverter, which makes it easy to adapt to any production line. There is a range of weights for which the divider can be adjusted. The divider is mounted on wheels which enables easy manipulation inside the bakery.

Mašina za deljenje testa D-01 i D-02

Technical information

Drive motor (kW) 1.5kW 1.5kW
Capacity (kom/h) 550-1600 550-1600
Weight of a divided pieces (g) 100-700 200-1100
Dimensions (mm) 1573 x 550 x 1558mm 1573 x 550 x 1558mm
Weight (kg) 700 700

Technical drawing