Rotary flour sifter

About the product

The rotary flour sifter is used to remove impurities from flour such as: cereal grains, pebbles, paper, rope or similar. The flour can be sifted directly into the dough mixer bowl, while the impurities are discarded through another opening into the garbage bag.

The rotary sifter is mostly used in small and medium-sized bakeries but finds place in large bakeries as well. The rotary flour sifter is placed on a set of wheels which allows the user to maneuver with the sifter easily around the working area.

Rotaciono sito za brašno

Technical information

Characteristics SB-50
Drive motor (kW) 0,55
Capacity (kg/h) 600 kg/h
Dimensions (mm) 1000 x 600 x 1630
Weight (kg) 120

Technical drawing