Removable bowl spiral mixer

About the product

Spiral dough mixers with removable bowls are designed for kneading all kinds of dough. Each mixer is delivered with two detachable bowls or more, upon customer request.

The advantage of these mixers is that the operator can pour all the ingredients (flour, water, yeast ) in the detached bowl and prepare the mixture for kneading, while the mixer works with another bowl. Another advantage is that the dough is not removed from the bawl by hand. The dough is removed from the bawl by using a tipper and transferred directly in the dough divider.
This mixer is ideal for medium-sized bakeries where it is utilized as a part of a production line.

This machine is designed to provide easy operation and long service life. The kneading gives a very homogeneous structure of the dough. The machine parts which come in contact with the dough are produced from certified food grade stainless steel. There are two types of mixers with removable bowls classified by bowl volume, F-160 and F-250.

Spiralna mesilica za testo sa odvojivim posudom

Technical information

Drive motor (kW) 1,4/6,1 1,4/6,l
Motor for spining the bowl (kW) 0,75 0,75
Motor for lifting the working assembly (kW) 0,55 0,55
– diameter (mm)
– volume (l)
– Ø 700
– 160
– Ø 800
– 250
Dimensions (A x B x C) 1700 x 1900 x 980 1800 x 1900 x 980
Weight 850 1100

Technical drawing