Proizvodnja mašina za obradu voća i povrća i pekarske opreme

Fruit and vegetable dice and strip cutter

About the product

This cutter is designed to cut fruits and vegetables into dices and strips.

The machine is especially suitable for cutting cored apples as well as beets, carrots, potatoes, peppers and other fruits and vegetables.

This cutter enables the cutting of fruits and vegetables into dice and strips and the form of the cut pieces can be chosen by using different cutting tools. The desired dimensions of the dices and strips can be chosen by applying the required cutting tool. The device comes with a set of tools that ensures the cutting of fruits and vegetables to standard sizes. If the customer requires larger or smaller cut pieces then the standard ones, additional tool sets are supplied as an accessory.

The cutting material is delivered manually to the infeed hopper, and cut pieces are discharged through an output funnel into a receiving bin. This output funnel is placed 380 mm above the floor level. The cutter is set on cluster wheels and therefor easy to move around the premises.

The machine is driven by an electric motor with a built-in frequency regulator, so that the cutting speed can be adjusted to the type of fruit and the cut shape. This machine is made  of food grade stainless steel and other materials permitted for use in food processing industry.

Technical information

Power 0.75 kW
Capacity up to 800 kg/h
Cutting thickness od 5 do 20 mm
Usipna visina 1000 mm
Weight 140 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 877×700×1273 mm

Technical drawing