Proizvodnja mašina za obradu voća i povrća i pekarske opreme

About the product

Vibro grader is a well equipped machine for grading prunes and similar fruit by virtue of their size.

The process of selecting is performed in accordance with the installed sieve size and the requirements of the graded product. The number of separated fractions in a single operation can be up to 7, since there are 6 screen surfaces mounted in this machine. Some of the fractions, can be joined together, upon customer request.

The working table is placed on the input side of the linear grader, while each sieve section has a separated accepting bin.

The first separated fraction contains steam, leaves and other minor material.

As the fruit travels, it enters sieves with rising gradation size screens. In each section, selected size fruits slide through the sieve into accepting bins and finally into required containers. Finally, the largest fruit is separated at the output end of a vibrating table.

Vibration of the screens is provided by electro motor with installed frequency invertor.

Vibrokalibrator je namenjen pretežno za sortiranje suvih šljiva ili sličnih proizvoda nepravilnig oblika.

Technical information

Capacity 1000 kg/h
Working lenght 8500 mm
Working width 900 mm
Drive power 3kW
Number of calibrating processes 6+1
Calibration sizes Ø20;Ø22;Ø24;Ø26;Ø28;Ø30

Technical drawing