Loaf rolling machine – VK-03

About the product

This loaf forming machine is designed for forming bread loaves, when the requirement is that the loaf should be made out of single piece dough and it doesn’t need to be folded from a flat piece of dough. It is most commonly used for rye bread and special types of bread and baguettes.

High quality materials ensure a long service life.

Mašina za zavijanje testa – VK-03

Technical information

Weight of rolled pieces (gr) 100-1100
Capacity up to 1500 kom/h (for a 1 kg)
Drive motor (kW) 1.1
Motor for foling (kW) 0,25
Vibrator (W) 25
Dimensions (mm) 2600 x 1400 x 680
Weight (kg) 390

Technical drawing