Loaf rolling machine – VK-02

About the product

The wrapping is performed by three operations. The first operation is folding and it prepares the dough before rolling, so that every loaf of bread is equally rolled. The second operation is forming the loaf and at the end, the “calibrator” further adjusts the length and diameter so that all the loaves are identical.

High quality materials ensure a long service life.

Mašina za zavijanje testa – VK-02

Technical information

Weight of rolled pieces (gr) 100-2300
Capacity up to 1500 kom/h (for a 1 kg)
Drive motor (kW) 0,75
Motor for foling (kW) 0,25
Vibrator (W) 25
Dimensions (mm) 1975x1035x1446mm
Weight (kg) 400

Technical drawing