Proofing chambers

About the product

The intermediate pocket prover allows the dough balls to rest and restore their consistency and flexibility after dividing and rounding and before further shaping. In the bakery production line, it is placed immediately after the round-shaping machine. At the inlet of the machine, each ball falls into its own basket. From time to time, the baskets are overturned, with the ball moving from one basket to another. The speed of the baskets, and thus the time spent in the chamber, is regulated by the frequency regulator.

The chamber is made of a combination of stainless steel panels and windows made of transparent plexiglass. This chamber is a part of the bread production line, and its capacity and position are adapted to the rest of the production line.

Intermedijalna komora

Technical information

Power 0.4 kW
Weight 1750 kg
Number of punnet 280
Speed regulation variable
Dimensions (mm) 3320 x 2200 x 2920mm

Technical drawing