Proizvodnja mašina za obradu voća i povrća i pekarske opreme

Apple coring and ring slicing machine

About the product

The machine is designed for coring and slicing apples into rings. The thickness of the rings can be adjusted by adjusting the distance between the cutting blades. The apples are manually placed in the machine. After slicing, apple rings fall on a slide that takes them to a container.

The container can be replaced with the conveyor, that transports the rings to further processing. After coring the core falls into a separate bin.

Apple coring and ring slicing machine

Technical information

Capacity 12 kom/min
Apple diameter 50 – 90 mm
Drive power 0,4 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 750 x 670 x 743 mm
Weight 100 kg

Technical drawing

Apple coring and ring slicing machine, technical drawing