Vertical dough mixer

About the product

The vertical dough mixer is designed for fast kneading in industrial bakeries. Kneading one batch of dough takes only 3 minutes. The machine is delivered with several bowls, so the mixing is stopped only for exchanging the bowls. This way, the high production capacity is achieved. Water dosing is automatic which enables identical dough quality in all batches. The mixer is controlled by a microprocessor and a frequency inverter, which allows precise controll over the mixing speed and other processes.

Vertikalni PM mikser za testo
Vertikalni mikser se koristi za brze zamese u industrijskim pekarama. Vreme za koje se dobija zames je oko 3 minuta.

Technical information

Total power (kW) 20 45
Water connection 1″ 1″
Water dosing automatic automatic
Mixing speed lineary changeable lineary changeable
Bowl capacity 150 250
Dimension 1825 x 680 x 1786 2540 x 1000 x 2080
Weight (kg) 1550 2750

Technical drawing