Dough rounding machine

About the product

The dough rounder is designed to shape pieces of dough into balls. Intended both for independent work and for work in an automatic line. It is equipped with a fan heater that blows hot or cold air around the dough pieces, while they are being rounded.

The machine is mounted on rotating wheels enabling easy manipulation inside the bakery.

Mašina za okruglo oblikovanje testa

Technical information

Weight of moulded peaces (gr) 400-1800
Capacity (pcs/h) 1500
Drive motor (kW) 0,55
Ventilator (kW) 0,55
Fan heater (kW) 1.2
El. heater (W) 1000
Dimensions (mm) 1055 x 935 x 1410
Weight (kg) 300

Technical drawing